Product Offerings

offerings3 Tinctures

We craft our tinctures with certified organic alcohol, local spring water and cannabis grown on our organic farm.

Every tincture is formulated for consistent potency and accurate dosage. Every single batch is lab tested.

offerings1 Flowers

The deepest peace is felt alone on sacred full moon autumn nights in the garden when the flowers are whispering ‘love as much as you can’.

Sometimes I feel like my plants boss me around like big fat hungry horses. The glorious genius of nature is so enchanting and seductive. Cannabis flowers come in so many wonderful shapes sizes and fragrances one just has to sit back with wide eyes and blow a kiss of gratitude.

offerings2 Solventless Concentrates

A solventless concentrate is the collection of resin made using just ice and water. In Northern California this product was historically called bubble hash because bubbles form during processing. Now this product has many names including ice wax and solventless. The highest grade of bubble hash is titled fullmelt which is a term created to describe hashish’s ability to melt when lit for smoking. A fullmelt hash has proportionally less plant fibers than resin. These contisure hash products poteticy test at 60% THC and higher. Emerald Alchemy is passionate about hash making and is considered a purist in the industry. Our hash is miraculously made with no machinery. We call our process hand extracted.