‘This is the best CBD ever. I can’t live without it.Thank you for making something that gives me such relief.’
‪~Adrianna Rennels ‬

‘This is the most treasured 20:1 CBD he tincture by Santa Cruz natives.’
~Tree Phrog Farms

‘You really put a smile on my face.’


‘I can’t say enough good things about this 20:1 CBD tincture from Emerald Alchemy. It is incredible for pain relief. Having bad neck problems I like to start the day with drops in lemonade and when I do my pain never seems to manifest.’


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  1. Great company! Its good to see folks become educated about the edible forms of cannabis. Mahjoun is great and very potent. I hope that hashish becomes more popular in the USA. Its a great form of concentrated cannabis and like a cheese, gets better over time as oxidation occurs. There are more potent forms of cannabis out there, but the cbn and cbd components of hash make this type of cannabis still popular among “oldschool” cannabis aficiandos and hopefully younger users will appreciate the fine art of creating hash and cooking w it.

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