‘Medicine is the daughter of dream.’ ~Iamblichus

From the time I was young I have been passionately attracted to plants, gardens, and flowers. It’s all pure magic to me. I believe farming, healing and living with herbal medicine requires an element of intuition (unseen knowing). Cannabis puts us in line with this essential element of life besides being a healer of many ailments. Tincture is one of my most beloved forms of herbal medicine. It seems to me that the tincture of cannabis has been underestimated in its potential and power to heal. I have farmed and produced this 20:1 CBD:THC tincture to help my community heal for over 4 years now. It’s funny, AC/DC is one of my favorite strains to grow. I hear people say its hard to grow but if you give this strain what it wants she takes off. She likes growing out doors in beds as her roots like to grow laterally in a big way. I’ve found that AC/DC likes good organic soil and minimal feeding. It ‘s best to keep high CBD mothers in a supplemental light greenhouse. The tincture made with organic grape alcohol from these ladies is extremely effective. I want to encourage patients to not be afraid of the alcohol content. It’s a very minimal amount and it is actually a necessary component as it is the vehicle for absorption of medicinal constituents(CBD). #EmeraldAlchemy #CBD #tincture #SingleSourced #flowersheal #healyourheart #KissSomeoneSilly #WomenOfCannabis

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